Unclepan Inc.

Privacy Protection Policy

Unclepan Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is dedicated to the users’ privacy. Please read the privacy protection policy below carefully to understand how the Company collects, applies and protects the personal information and company information that you provide.

I. Purpose for personal information collection and types of personal information collected

  1. The purpose of information use (in accordance with the “specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act” published by the Ministry of Justice, subject to code numbers and item titles in accordance with subsequent amendments published by the Ministry of Justice): 040 Marketing (including financial cross-selling business), 063 Non-government agency collect or process personal information under legal obligations, 069 Contract, contract-like or other legal relation matters, 075 Technology administration, 090 Consumer, customer management and service, 091 Consumer protection, 098 Business and technical information, 099 Domestic and overseas interchange business, 107 Procurement and supply management, 110 University and industry liaison system, Industry-academic cooperation, 118 Intellectual property rights, the disc management and other related administrative, 129 Accounting and related services, 135 Information (communication) services, 136 Information (communication) and database management, 137 Information and communication security and management, 148 Internet shopping and other electronic commerce services, 152 Advertisement or commercial behavior administration, 153 Movie, television, music and media administration, 157 Investigation, statistics and research analysis, 160 Certificate business administration, 176 Other natural persons based on the legitimacy of the purpose of the processing and use of personal information collected, 181 Other business operation in accordance with the business registration project or organization prospectus, 182 Other consulting and consultant services.
  2. The type of information use (in accordance with the “specific purpose and the classification of personal information of the Personal Information Protection Act” published by the Ministry of Justice, subject to code numbers and item titles in accordance with subsequent amendments published by the Ministry of Justice):
    • Type of identification: C001 Type for identifying individuals, C002 Type for identifying finance, C003 Type for identifying in government data.
    • Types of characteristics: C011 Individual description.
    • Social conditions: C038 Occupation.
    • Business information: C101 Data subject’s business activities, C102 Agreement or contract and C103 License relating to business.
    • Other kinds of data and information: C131 Research of paper documents and C132 Data unclassified.
  3. The Company will collect, process and use information for the following purposes and in the following circumstances, including but not limited the user’s (or its representative’s) name, gender, ID number, address, telephone, email and other identifiable information and payment related information. The user may freely choose to provide personal information. If the information provided is insufficient or incorrect, the Company shall not be able to approve the application or complete the product and/or service that you request.
    • The Company’s internal information establishment and legal requirements: including the Company’s internal client data files, certificates showing service lease relationships, etc.
    • Client service needs: general contact, emergency contact, account contact, business contact.
    • Other: Improvement of services/products provided to users, notice about the Company’s special events or new product launches, providing information about the Company’s products tailored for customer requirements, etc.

II. Use of Cookies

If you view information on the website, the Company will keep a log generated by the server during your online viewing or search, including but not limited to IP address of the connection equipment, time of use, browser used, viewing and clicking information and records, etc. You can choose to revise your level of acceptance of Cookies in your browser. If you choose to refuse all Cookies, you may not be able to use certain personalized services or participate in certain events.
The Company will write and read Cookies in the browsers for the following purposes and in the following circumstances:
  1. To provide better and more personalized services;
  2. Statistical analysis of the viewing pattern as reference to improve services;
  3. Tracking promotional advertisements clicked or participation in marketing events.

III. Acquisition of Information

  1. Personal or company information provided through online forms or to customer service staff, sales staff or distributor upon enquiry about the services provided by the Company.
  2. Personal or company information provided through online forms or to customer service staff, sales staff or distributor upon application for the Company’s services (including but not limited to application for trial services).
  3. Detailed personal or company information provided through online/paper forms or to customer service staff, sales staff, distributor or other event organizer upon participation in marketing events organized or sponsored by the Company.

IV. Period, Territory, Target and Manner of Personal Information Collected

1. Period of Use
Period of existence of the specific purposes of information collection, retention period in accordance with applicable law or contract provision or retention period required for the performance of business by the Company, whichever expires the latest.
2. Territory of Use
Includes the territories where the Company or its branch, subsidiary or controlling parent company or any subsidiary or affiliate of the Company’s controlling parent company or any institution or consultant having business contracts with the Company or any of the above companies, are located, as well as territories where recipients of internationally transmitted personal information without restrictions by central competent authority of the relevant industry are located.
3. Target of Use
Unless otherwise provided by law, use will be limited to the purpose of the user’s services and the Company’s internal related scope. The personal information you provide will not be transferred to any third party or used for any other purpose. However, relevant information may be provided to co-hosting organizations or partners for the purpose of performing contracts in order to complete performance of contractual obligations.
4. Manner of Use
Use of personal information by telephone, text message, email, paper or other proper means that are compatible with current scientific technologies and in the following circumstances:
  • User Information
  • Information provided upon application for any service or product of the Company will be used to establish the Company’s internal client system, for internal behavioral and other analysis and used as the basis for providing detailed information required by the user and the design of user events in the future.
  • Events and Surveys
  • Personal information you provide for participating in any event or online survey organized by the Company will only be used for the relevant event or survey. Such information will be destroyed within a certain period after the end of the event or survey.
  • Statistics and Analysis
  • The Company may carry out from time to time overall user behavioral analysis and statistics based on the information you provide upon application for services/products and records generated by the server in the course of your viewing of the website. No analysis will be performed on individual behavior.

V. User’s Rights to Personal Information

The user has the right to ask for the following at any time:
  1. To consult, get a copy of (at the necessary cost and expense), correct or supplement personal information;
  2. To stop use of your personal information for direct marketing and/or receive specific or any type of marketing information;
  3. Other than the user’s personal information that must be kept in accordance with the law, ask to delete, stop processing and use of your personal information upon expiry of the period.
  4. You can also file a customer complaint by email. Complaint email address: [email protected]

VI. Security

We have used proper technologies and organizational security measures to protect your personal information from loss or any unlawful processing. Other than the following circumstances where user information may be provided to the relevant entities, the Company does not publish or provide to anyone the user’s personal or company identifiable information:
  1. When the Company and its partners provide products/services to the users;
  2. When the user’s information must be provided to other companies or individuals in order to provide the service/product requested by the user;
  3. Required by law or pursuant to the request by government authority or judicial authority;
  4. Breach of any contract signed with the Company or the service terms and conditions published by the Company;
  5. The Company engages in internal operating adjustment such as acquisition, merger or reorganization.

VII. Policy Amendment

This Privacy Protection Policy will be updated from time to time in accordance with the technological development trends, amendments to applicable laws and regulations or other environmental changes. The amendment will be published on the website immediately and shall take effect immediately from the time of publication.